The NIC and the PneuX™ meet the criteria for the Innovation and Technology Tariff.

Directly funded by NHS England, this tariff ensures that every hospital in NHS England will be fully reimbursed for using these innovations for 2 years, starting from 1st April 2017.

NHS England directly reimburses the cost of the innovations each time the innovation is used:

                  £2 for the NIC                                             £150 for the PneuX™

Through a rigorous selection process by NHS England, the Academic Health Science Networks, UCL partners, clinicians and subject matter experts, six innovations were selected for the new Innovation and Technology tariff, and will help innovators in getting uptake and spread across the NHS.

For full details from NHS England on the Innovation and Technology Tariff innovations please click here.

“The NHS has a proud track record of world firsts in medical innovation but getting wide uptake has often been far too slow. Our new payment system brings clarity on fast track funding to get groundbreaking new treatments and technologies to NHS patients. Many of them not only improve care but will save the NHS money too”

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive, NHS England

How does the ITT tariff work?

The Innovation and Technology Tariff works through a zero cost model

The Trust chooses to use the innovation and orders the innovation directly from the company via their procurement department.

The company delivers the equipment, after providing staff training

The company is paid by NHS England

Implementing the tariff innovations

If you would like assistance to introduce these innovations in your hospital please contact us

The Oxford Academic Health Science Network have produced Implementation Support Packs to support clinicians introduce these innovations in their hospitals. These documents have:

  • Summary clinical information
  • Information for clinical governance
  • A model business case
  • Information for hospital finance
  • Information for hospital procurement

Summary power point slides on these innovations and the ITT are also available. If you would to present these innovations at your clinical governance meeting, please contact us


Click image below to view implementation pack

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Click image below to view implementation pack

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The NIC is an arterial connector that is placed onto the 2 way sampling port of the arterial line and is used in operating theatres and critical care units.

The NIC is a like for like replacement for your current arterial connector and prevents:

  • Prevents mis-injection into the arterial line
  • Prevents bacterial contamination during sampling
  • Prevent blood loss during sampling

The PneuX™ pneumonia prevention system is an endotracheal tube (ETT) and tracheostomy tube, and cuff pressure controller designed to prevent ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP)

The novel cuff on the ETT and tracheostomy tube prevents leakage of bacterial laden secretions into the patient’s lungs and prevents VAP

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The NIC can be procured:

The PneuX™ can be procured:

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NHS ITT Tariff

£2 per connector

Ensures £2 reimbursement for every NIC used in NHS England for 2 years, starting from 1st April 2017

£150 per ETT or Tracheostomy

Ensures £150 reimbursement for every PneuX™ endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube used in NHS England for 2 years, starting from 1st April 2017

Understanding how the innovations work and are supported by the Academic Health Science Networks

Produced by the Oxford Academic Health Science Network