Safety and Excellence through Innovation

Our Three Multi-Award Winning Innovations

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Venner PneuXTM

An endotracheal or tracheostomy tube & tracheal seal monitor designed to prevent Ventilator Associated Pneumonia. The PneuX™ has been selected for the NHS Innovation Accelerator Programme.

Venner WireSafeTM

An engineered solution designed to prevent the never event of retained central line guidewires. Guidewire retention is a never event and is unacceptable in the NHS.

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NHS Innovation and Technology tariff


NHS England has announced the first innovations selected for the Innovation and Technology Tariff. These innovations, will be centrally funded by NHS England, to give patients faster access to best practice innovations and save money for the NHS

NHS England will fully reimburse hospitals every time they use an innovation selected for the Innovation and Technology Tariff

We are pleased to announce that both the PneuX™ and the NIC meet the criteria for the Innovation and Technology Tariff, guaranteeing full reimbursement every time they are used for the next 2 years, starting from 1st April 2017

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Our Team

Dr Maryanne Mariyaselvam

Dr Peter Young

Dr Mark Blunt

Dr Parvez Moondi

Dr Darcy Pearson

Sister Emily Hodges

Sister Patsy Tipene

Ms Debbie Reeve